Why your hair will benefit from basil root oil

Hair loss and hair growth are two of the biggest hair care concerns among South African women. Healthy hair growth is imperative to a healthy, full head of hair, but for many women, it’s a continuous battle.


Hair growth is affected by so many different factors: from genetics, to lifestyle and diet, to the effects of wearing your hair in high tension hairstyles like tight braids and ponytails. If your hair isn’t growing as well as you’d like it to, you need to take a look at all the different factors that may be contributing to poor hair growth, determine what the cause is, and then take action to improve the condition.


One of the ways you can improve healthy hair growth is by using hair care products that stimulate hair growth. One of the ingredients you can turn to for this is basil root extract / oil.


Most popular in India, basil root and basil leaves have been used throughout the world for centuries. It is available in various forms, and can be purchased as a powder, herbal tea or an oil. Basil root oil has been called the “royal oil”, having positive effects on the body, the mind and the heart.


Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and filled with antioxidants, basil root oil is a real powerhouse ingredient. In addition to being healthy for the mind and body, it also offers major benefits to the skin and hair. 


When it comes to skincare, basil root oil’s anti-inflammatory properties makes it a great remedy for minor skin injuries and irritations. It contains vitamin C which assist skin cell renewal, thus aiding the healing process.


When it comes to hair care, basil root oil has shown fantastic results in minimising hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth. Massaging basil root oil into your scalp improves blood circulation, which aids hair growth (circulation leads to stimulation of hair follicles). It has also shown to soothe the scalp, ease itchiness and even assist in reducing dandruff.


Local hair care brand The Perfect Hair recognised the various benefits of basil root oil, and incorporated it into their Treatment Hair Growth Oil:

Grow on the Go Hairline Repair Serum


RSP R129.99


The Perfect Hair The Perfect Hairline Repair 100ml is a nourishing growth serum that promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp. This hairline repair spray contains coconut and grapeseed oils, which deliver moisture to your scalp and hair.


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