Four Steps to Silky, Soft Moisturised Hair!

Is your hair still feeling the after effects of winter? Most of ours are and that’s okay, the Perfect Hair’s Marula and Mango Range has a 4 step hair routine that will get your hair back to its silky soft self just in time for Spring. The Perfect Hair is a Proudly South African, child friendly brand that can be used on hair types 2-4.

The Marula and Mango range is infused with marula, mango and coconut oil. Marula oil is known for its deep penetrating hydration properties and protects hair from dryness as well as frizziness. The other key ingredient, mango adds shine to our strands, repairs damaged hair and nourishes our locs.

The Mango and Marula range from The Perfect Hair is quality haircare at an affordable price.

  1. First things first, Shampoo.

The Mango and Marula Silky Soft Shampoo (R89,99) is free from petroleum, parabens, sulphate as well as silicones making it gentle on your waves, curls or coils. The shampoo is non-drying, leaving your hair clean and moisturized. The formula of this cleanser is gentle, which means it is mild on your skin and eyes making your wash day stress-free!

2. Don’t forget to DC!

Deep conditioning your hair is probably one of the most important steps that we tend to forget. The Mango and Marula Detangling Deep Conditioner (R89,99) detangles, softens, moisturizes and hydrates your hair. The deep conditioner also comes in a 50ml sachet making it perfect for traveling or trial size and gives you the experience of the product at a much cheaper price. 

3. It’s time to Moisturize!

Before you know it you’ll be at step 3! This is where you will be prepping your hair for styling with the Mango and Marula Moisturizing Leave-In Butter (R99,99). The whole range is vegan, which means it is filled with plant-based natural ingredients which are good for your hair’s health but also your overall health. The Mango and Marula Leave-In compliments the Mango and Marula Anti-Frizz Curl Activating Gel perfectly and prepares your strands for the definition power it’s about to experience.

4. The final step and that’s where we define,

define and define! Styling your waves, curls or coils with the Mango and Marula Anti-Frizz Curl Activating Gel (R99,99) will leave it bouncy and crunch free. You can either air dry or use light heat to complete your wash day and all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the fruity mango and marula scents.

The Mango and Marula range from The Perfect Hair is quality haircare at an affordable price. This local brand caters to South Africans and understands their haircare needs. Haircare doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive and the Mango and Marula range from The Perfect Hair proves that.

Stockists: Clicks, Takealot and Foschini, Yooper



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