CLIENTS testimonials


This is one of my favourite brands!


My hair is so healthy and shiny after using this brand.


These products not smell amazing but feel even more amazing on my hair leaving a silky finish.


With my type of hair these products are perfect because its light and I really love the Grow On The Go Oil

Joan, blogger from Jems of a Natural

"The scent. One thing I find a number of locally produced hair care products struggle with is the scent/smell/fragrance of their product...we are still to get our products on par to that of the international brands who also use natural ingredients. This range so far smells lovely and not over powering at all. The hair also loves the clumping ability especially with the deep conditioner. Lastly (as I want to leave some things to say when I get the full sized versions), that although I embrace my shrinkage, the coil definer does indeed prevent some shrinkage - it was one of the first things I noticed straight after applying it. I also noticed that my hair preferred the styler first before any oil and adding oil is just out of personal choice but not really necessary as the styler has sufficient oil and shine."


This product smells amazing and I love the styler.


“I love how the products keep my hair moisturized and healthy also keeping my curl pattern even in humidity.”


Ever since I’ve tried these products I’ve loved them!


“It was an absolute pleasure shooting the young Joni, she had the most beautiful curls I have seen in a long time, and her hair responded really well to The Perfect Curl styling cream – the result was soft, shiny, controlled curls, really healthy hair!”


”I just loved the wave gel on my hair, best product for wave control”


"I've relaxed my hair for almost 20 years of my 25 years of life and I have now I had cut my hair in December of 2012 and ever since then, I probably only relaxed my hair twice thereafter. When my hair started growing and we had to continuously cut to keep the shape, I started noticing the curls and was already tempted to relax again BUT I didn't!”


"The styling product was beautiful, when we used it for twists with curl formers!!”

Cebisile from Jozi

“I love good products on my fro, I work hard enough getting it to grow”

Kemi from Bezvalley

“Maintenance is not easy, and brushing in the morning is a fight, but not so much anymore”

Ana from Dainfern

“I am happy to pay if it works, and this one works”

Gabisile from Newcastle

“Hairline repaired! Amen sister”