Receding hairline? Broken, brittle hair? Weave-after-weave giving you a dry, itchy scalp? Heat-damaged tresses? Facing The Big Chop? Or your natural hair simply refuses to grow... these are all some frequently raised issues that The Perfect Hair team deals with on a daily basis. And that's where our resident trichologist in, to answer your burning questions on that thing called hair...

To help with hair health for black hair types, what oils should I be using? Castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil, vitamin E oil.

What hair growth stimulants would you recommend? I can recommend Trichotin Hair Regenisis for ladies and Trichotin DHT inhibitor for gents. Trichology Pharmaceutals Ltyrosine, Scalp Treatment-Growth Stimulant and Hair Growth Tonic (these are all clinical products). What's the fuss about sulphate-free shampoos? A few expert tips on how to boost hair growth specifically after suffering with hairline loss or Alopecia due to braiding etc?

Hair consists of keratin which is a protein material, so eat a protein-rich diet. Take nutritional supplements fortified with amino acids, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, Omega 3, Folic acid and ltyrosine - and deligently drink your 8 glasses of water a day. Do not braid continuously - give your hair and scalp a break in between. Have oil treatments after braids are taken out, and regularly trim your ends. When braiding, use natural hair as synthetic hair fibre will cause friction between the strands and your own natural hair will suffer because of friction. Remember the HOT OIL treatments between braiding is key.

How do I look after my scalp to ensure healthy hair growth?

Your scalp condition is very important - from a healthy scalp, happy-healthy hair will grow. Massaging the scalp while deep conditioning, for example, will stimulate the blood stream that brings nourishment to the roots. Shampoo to cleanse regularly with a nourishing, sulphate-free product. And try using a rehydrating tonic or energizer on the scalp every day.

Is there a specific hair care routine that would stimulate hair growth?

Shampoo twice a week with a sulphate-free product that suits your hair type - and lather twice. Apply a hair growth stimulant or deep conditioning mask once a week for 15-30 minutes. Apply a nourishing leave-in conditioner on your hair length. Also use a light natural oil product with organic properties on the scalp, massage in gently. STYLE & GO!

Top Tip:

For happy healthy hair and a better chance at hair growth, wear your hair natural for as long as you can in between your chosen style of braids, cornrows or weaves - and step out as yourself once in a while!

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