THE PERFECT HAIR ambassadors


Chandra Sandows

" A passionate naturalista who wants to see the embracing of natural hair no longer be called a "movement", but rather becoming an every day norm."

Dr Afsana Gani

"dentist by day, tooth fairy by night"

Itumeleng Nkemele

"My hair is my halo"

Patience S Thabethe

"invested in my good hair"

Roxanne Cassim

"Most of my confidence comes from the embracing of my natural hair it has changed me to a point where it didn't matter if a curl was out of place but that it still looked good and big all at the same time."

Buhle Shiba

"I am an african soul that is focused, goal orientated and driven by my dreams. Lover of life, good african music and intellectual conversations"

Cleo Booysen

"Professional Makeup Artist on a Natural and Cruelty Free Journey"

Samantha Dot

"Life is too short to be anything but fabulous, loving and vibrant. "

Clare Boggenpoel

"I am a creative looking forward to the rest of my natural hair journey"

Rirhandzu Makamu

"I am Rirhandzu, 20 years old and starting my natural hair journey was just the beginning of me becoming reacquainted with my true self. I am currently Fiercely pursuing life, tackling it's challenges as well as hoping to uplift and empower others through my journey. "

Florence Bwalya Kusensela

my mane is my crown, embracing it is my lifestyle."

Amy Dove

"An accidental natural who is loving her hair journey and in turn learning to love her true self "

Gugulethu Khoza

"Crazy enough to think I can change the world!"

Courtney Allison Jones

"Just know, when you truly want success, you'll never give up on it. No matter how bad the situation may get."

Zinzi Molewa

" ## "

Alecia Langton

"As dynamic as my curly hair"

Nancy Mwiche

"I am a humble fun loving person with a great outgoing personality and love seeing people happy"

Cherazaad Edries

"Excited, passionate and an individual with big hair and personality. Love yourself and grow on your hair journey each day, helping people unbind their wild"

Tammy Langtry

“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.”
― Frida Kahlo

Ilze Joy Jantjies

"One liner: Things you deserve: a good life, good sleep & good hair "

Rachel M

" I am a full lipped, wide nosed brown sugar beauty who wears her curly crown with pride and believes in promoting self love and kindness, all ways, always."

Nojood Ramela

"I’m that girl in the hair isle of a store reading product ingredients and giving tips to those aspiring to have healthier hair. I’m also an IT Fundi and lover of art. My me time is spent detangling my hair!"

Daffodils aka AfroMoriri

"I’m passionate about healthy hair."




Johlene Sparrow


"I am a God fearing humble woman with a loving a soul"



Kim Houston

"Koily Mamma that loves her Kinks, On a mission to inspire others to do the same!"

Sean Tatum Moodley

"Brown girls rocking natural 'fros make my heart happy.Find me @seangoesnatural- let's pour the natural tea and get your fro fabulous! "

Anchen Jolene Jansen

"Just like my unruly curls I'm a bit on the wild side but easily tamed."

Sne Nomvete

"4c natural hair YouTuber passionate about sharing her journey and helping new naturals along theirs"

Claudia Gerber

"An aspiring attorney. Poet. Human Rights Activist. Realist. Lover. Friend"



Melissa Ohlsson

"Single mom, businesswoman, fashion stylist and natural hair advocate who believes we can affect positive change through empowerment and sharing stories with other women."

Tayane Lee Arends

"Very passionate about the arts and being creative."

Tshegofatso Mogotsi

"A person can never stop learning about themselves. I am constantly on a journey of self discovery and I like pruning myself while at it, for the betterment of me and those around me."

Claire Barnes

"I am a mom first and passionate about children realizing their own potential and beauty. They are my purpose"