Welcome to The Perfect Hair family, where you can shop safely online for our premium selection of locally made natural haircare, designed with essential African oils and high-tech conditioning polymers, perfect for curly and coily hair textures. We are a brand that is young at heart and constantly innovating to meet the needs of our shoppers. We make it our business to know you, and to give you what you need for optimal natural curl care. Your joy is our goal.

Everyone is welcome, and we ensure that we cater for all African hair types: The Perfect Wave, The Perfect Curl and The Perfect Kinky Coil. After more than a year of formulating and re-formulating, we finally got it right and have made sure that our PET recyclable tubes contain only the purest ingredients to deliver and seal in moisture, with a healthy dose of effective activors and polymers for curl and coil control and superb styling. An easy online shopping experience offering our latest ranges, proudly made in South Africa, and proudly African at the heart of everything we do. We understand that hair is about so much more than hair, it is an emotional, psychological, social, economical, political beast we offer up our own ranges as the best tools for you to use on your hair journey.


We are a true natural range of vegan quality. Our shoppers are conscious consumers who love our green approach to curl care, and you can count on us to guide you along your natural hair journey with more than just quality curl care – you can browse our platforms and always find the support you need with the best How To Videos, a Hair Bible to guide you on which product to choose for the style you like, and only the most honest reviews from our family of ambassadors.

The Perfect Hair naturalista is ahead of the curve, she understands that destructive hair habits are a thing of the past, and she knows that social media is a great teacher and its where we are learning from each other and inspiring our communities. So be sure to share with us the memorable moments of your hair journey. Tag @theperfecthairofficial and @theperfecthairtaryn to feature on our channels.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing… happy healthy hair, naturally! Which for us means The Perfect Hair.

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The Proudly South African haircare brand, developed by local female entrepreneur Taryn Gill, now sets its sights on a massive growth strategy as the newest product line to join the SUNPAC stable


South Africa, Johannesburg, July 22: Pioneer natural haircare brand, The Perfect Hair, has over the last five years, grown into the position of local premium brand in South Africa’s natural hair care category. With natural beauty sales soaring globally, The Perfect Hair product range was built by entrepreneur Taryn Gill to meet this demand, driven by South African conscious consumers wanting to find natural or vegan beauty alternatives.

The Perfect Hair  a local affordable market competitor, drew the attention of distributor SUNPAC as a good fit for the SUNPAC stable of local and international haircare brands. Established in 1967, distributor SUNPAC is a leader in its field, and a trusted partner to retailers and brand owners, offering a full category management solution in personal care and beauty.

As of July 2020, SUNPAC concluded the deal to scale and grow this Johannesburg-based brand with the focus on a pharma-retail distribution strategy aimed at the black female shopper looking for quality natural products, the demand for which is showing impressive sales growth. Key to surviving in the market is understanding the proudly natural, proudly African ethos at the heart of her purchase decisions. The story of the brand is a personal one, with the founder’s own journey to treat and style her natural curls being central to how she made the range, and central to the shoppers who resonated with what she wanted to do to celebrate curly and coily hair textures, and shoppers put their spend into supporting the product along the way, feeling connected to the brand ethos and its roots.

The data speaks for itself: SA hair care records a 6% current value growth to reach ZAR6.6 billion in 2018, with brands and retailers increasing focus on African hair and natural solutions. The good news for the future is that hair care is predicted to record a further 8% growth, reaching ZAR9.6 billion in 2023, with innovation primarily coming from niche brands targeting the natural African hair category, eating up the market share of rapidly declining sales in relaxers and other damaging chemical treatments. Pharma and food retailers are displaying resilience in personal care due to consumer demand, despite the negative impact of COVID 19.


SUNPAC team, CEO Shaun Laffer had this to say about the partnership: “We are thrilled at the prospect of partnering with Taryn and jointly relaunching and then growing Perfect Hair. The opportunity to connect with this consumer and serve with products that make a difference in their lives, is an exciting journey we are embarking on.”

Entrepreneur and product developer Taryn Gill, is to stay close to the brand’s path, continuing the personalized approach for the range, and leading the face of the brand into a category that is heating up with local and international rivals competing for consumer spend, and her trust.

“Trust is really what can give a young, local brand like mine the defining edge. As a media marketing specialist by trade I understood the importance of incorporating my shopper’s needs into the DNA of The Perfect Hair products. Knowing what she needs and being able to deliver a trusted product solution for her, is what we are about. This guides everything I do as a brand and product developer,” said Gill from her home studio in Greenside, JHB. Working closely with the experienced Sunpac executives, Taryn is leading a team now focused on brand, product development, and marketing strategy.

“Another key aspect to our Perfect Hair family is our ambassador team, it is their voices that she listens to, the trust that comes from the honest content that our ambassadors generate daily, the authenticity of delivering a true natural product, no label lies, and doing what we say we will do. We will aim to innovate further going forward, together with the SUNPAC marketing team. This partnership is a good fit for us.”

The Perfect Hair makes its return to the Clicks store footprint, understanding that Clicks is leading the retailer race in natural hair care, with a wide range of product on sale.

To join The Perfect Hair ambassador family info@theperfecthair.co.za

#WomensMonth: Taryn Gill's vision to build a household name in African haircare

Taryn Gill left behind an established career in marketing, working at some of South Africa's largest media companies, to develop and launch her own haircare brand. The Perfect Hair was created to plug a gap in the local marketplace for quality, natural haircare products formulated with curly and coily hair textures in mind.

Now in its sixth year, the proudly South African brand is successfully tapping into the positive trend of women embracing their natural beauty, with products designed for natural curls and kinks steadily grabbing shelf space previously reserved for relaxers and other damaging chemical treatments.

Crafted to meet the needs of African hair in African climates, The Perfect Hair products use high-tech conditioning polymers and botanically-derived ingredients like mango butter, grapeseed and marula oil, and basil root extract to offer curl and coil care and control. All products are vegan and free from silicone, parabens, petroleum and sulphates, and sold in PET recyclable packaging.

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