Welcome to ThePerfectHair family, where you can shop safely online for our premium selection of locally made natural haircare, designed with African oils and conditioning polymers, perfect for African hair.

We cater for all African hair types with our three ranges The Perfect Wave, The Perfect Curl and The Perfect Kinky Coil. After more than a year of formulating and re-formulating, we finally got it right and have made sure that our recyclable glass jars contain only the purest ingredients to deliver and seal in moisture, with a healthy dose of effective activors and polymers for curl and coil control.

Bring back your glass jars and we will take R10 off the price of the next jar you buy, because our shoppers are conscious and invested in #happyhealthyhair a well-designed range of products PLUS video tutorials, e-books to read on your hair type and styling tips that actually work, we are here to help you on your hair journey.

We all want the same thing… #theperfecthair which for me means #happyhealthyhair"

The naturalista is ahead of the curve she understands that different hair types require a different hair regime And destructive habits are considered passe social media is a great teacher its where we are learning Home-made remedies are a thing this is where we come in #theperfecthair

A high-tech online shopping experience offering a range of locally manufactured products designed to treat and style natural hair, whether its wavy, curly or african kinky coils we understand that our shopper wants high-end natural haircare and we understand that hair is about so much more than hair, it is an emotional, psychological, social, economical, political beast we offer up our own range, alongside other carefully selected and locally produced brands that work for #happyhealthyhair"